To achieve our vision of promoting CSR through fulfilling our corporate philosophy, we have defined 3 spheres and 10 specific areas of CSR activities.

CSR Basic Philosophy

To help people lead a more affluent and comfortable life, we at the MIZUNO Group will promote our business activities in good faith, by:

Providing better sporting equipment, places and opportunities for playing sports to all, regardless of nation or race;
Conducting business activities in a transparent and fair way, adhering to laws and regulations and respecting social norms in all countries and regions; and
Proactively addressing labor and human-rights issues and global environmental problems towards the realization of a sustainable society.

CSR Vision

The Mizuno Group aims to be an organization that is trusted and needed by all stakeholders, by thoroughly emphasizing Fair play, Friendship and Fighting spirit and proactively working to realize a sustainable society and preserve the Earth's environment.

CSR Activities in Fiscal 2013

Since fiscal 2013, MIZUNO has been committed to CSR activities, focusing on seven core subjects, in line with ISO26000, Guidance on social responsibility. MIZUNO's CSR Basic Philosophy and CSR Vision will remain unchanged.

  1. Organizational governance
  2. Human rights
  3. Labour practices
  4. The environment
  5. Fair operating practices
  6. Consumer issues
  7. Community involvement and development