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Corporate Philosophy/Long Term Management Policies

To fulfill our CSR adhering to our corporate philosophy, we consider CSR management to be our top priority.

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.

Sport plays a vital role in helping people lead a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle.
By making determined efforts to providing better sporting goods through our manufacturing and marketing practices and by continuing to contribute to the promotion and development of sport, we are strongly committed to contributing to society.
Figure:Corporate Philosophy

Long Term Management Policies

Creating the new 100 year brand
In addition to “reliability“, one of our assets achieved through our 100 years of operation, we must add a new culture to create a Mizuno brand that would support the next 100 years.
A brand is a promise to customers.
Therefore, our marketing activities should be one that will bring forth competitive brand value with the aim to generate and maintain customers. At the same time, the Mizuno brand should be built through all of our business activities and by the hands of all of our employees.
The realization of Mizuno as a Global Company
In all areas of the planet, there is a place to implement our corporate philosophy. Global growth not only means the pursuit of growth in sales amounts, but to also increase corporate value by presenting Mizuno's one-of-a-kind value to the market. We aim to increase corporate value of the entire group as we combine our power under the corporate brand and with “Global RENKEI“ using our products, marketing, design, management, and production.
Cultivating a corporate culture we take pride in
Mizuno Group employees must treasure Fair play, Friendship, and Fighting spirit to maintain corporate activities that achieve CSR.
Each employee must exercise fair play with high moral, respect individuality, and empathize joy with colleagues at work. When encouraged to be innovative, an energetic and motivating corporate culture will foster.

Company Policies for Fiscal Year 2011

  • (1)Management transformation
  • (2)Technological transformation
  • (3)Personnel transformation


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