Contributing to Society in MIZUNO's Unique Way, Based on Sports

MIZUNO's social contribution policy truly reflects its Corporate Philosophy. Sports and sports business should play essential roles in ensuring that people can lead enriched and comfortable lives. With this in mind, MIZUNO seeks to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen through efforts to resolve issues related to human rights, labor problem, environmental degradation, and education in sports and in general. In addressing those and other issues, MIZUNO takes advantage of its characteristics as a sports business.

MIZUNO's Social Contribution Activities outside Japan

Cooperation to charity golf events

MIZUNO Corporation (U.K.) annually supports charity golf events in Europe, by providing related products.
In fiscal 2012, MIZUNO supported a total of 18 charity golf competitions and donated golf clubs and golf bags.

Support of charity football clinics

On November 27 and 29, 2012, Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira, a football player for Valencia in the Spanish League, who is contracted with MIZUNO, held a charity clinic. In support of this event, MIZUNO offered its products to children participating in the event.
Jonas asked the participants in the event to bring 1 kg food (sugar, rice, etc.) to donate to Casa Caridad (charity house), an NPO that supports children who need welfare service in Valencia.
A total of 100 children participated in the two-day events. The collected food, amounting to 129 kg, was donated to Casa Caridad when Jonas visited the facility on a later date.

Donation of running shoes for trying on

In February 2013, MIZUNO Corporation Australia PTY. LTD. donated 40 pairs of running shoes for trying on to Fit for Good, a charity organization for the Australian Fitness Industry. Providing fitness equipment for use by patients suffering due to depression and drug abuse, Fit for Good encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle.
MIZUNO Corporation Australia will continue to support the charity organization.

Donation of products to a campaign to help African children

On July 14 and 15, 2012, Jennifer Pasiciel, a Canadian runner, ran about 200 miles (320 km), a distance equivalent to the breadth of the Republic of the Gambia. During the time of preparation and running, she raised funding to help that children in Gambia get educated about essential health practices.
MIZUNO Canada Ltd. offered six to eight pairs of shoes and three sets of running outfits to her, in addition to supporting her through social media.

Support of the Commonwealth Games Bowling Out Aids program

On three weekends in April and July 1st, 2012, Commonwealth Games Canada held the Game of Life races (charity runs and walking events), in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. Together with its retailer, Running Room Ltd., MIZUNO Canada Ltd. co-sponsored the races in five of the six cities in order to help raise awareness and funds towards the Commonwealth Games Bowling Out Aids program in Africa and the Caribbean.
MIZUNO also provided its products to the races held in the five cities to support activities in each city.

Donation of sportswear to elementary schools

On January 14, 2013, Shanghai MIZUNO Corporation Ltd. donated a total of 4,098 pieces of sportswear (equivalent to RMB 1.48 million) to elementary schools in needy regions in Anhui Province through the Qingpu Branch of Shanghai Charity Fund.

Supporting the Guanhuai Cup Baseball Games 2012

MIZUNO (Taiwan) Corporation supported the Guanhuai Cup Baseball Games 2012, held from November 23 to 28, 2012, with the aim of fostering next-generation players. MIZUNO offered its products to a total of 48 teams, comprising local youth and high school students.

Organizing the MIZUNO Cup Marathon and Ekiden Championships 2012

On November 18, 2012, MIZUNO (Taiwan) Corporation organized the MIZUNO Cup Marathon and Ekiden Championships 2012. A total of 802 teams participated in the event, each comprising 10 runners. In addition to offering prize goods to the champion, MIZUNO Taiwan provided all participants with running shirts and towels. To boost the event and promote sports in the local area, as side events, MIZUNO also displayed its running wear and shoes, and held an event to measure visitors' foot dimensions.